Welcome to Householding Adventures

Ah yes, householding our way to the universe.  What a long, strange, trip its been.

Since the publication of my book, A Householder’s Guide to the Universe,  I have moved on to a new life and a new love on the land.  You can read more about the particulars on the “Feeding the Flock” post but suffice it to say, I’m continuing my life as a householder on a much bigger scale.  I can’t say I really planned the change other then it just felt right.  Providence would not be too strong a word.

So here on this lovely bit of land out in Sherwood, Oregon, I find myself with a bunch of people working to create a co-op farm.  That my interest in such things dovetailed nicely with the farm manager I met, and fell in love with, while visiting the site only makes the brew all the more interesting.   And so I am writing whether or not anyone will read it.  I’m writing because staring over at near sixty on sixty acres of big intention with a man that just happens to float my boat gotta amount to something.